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Beijing Housing Options and Rental Prices explained.
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International Schools in Beijing and throughout China
Chinese - Speak it like a native
Chinese language skills and schools
Health and Medical Care in China
Doctor, it hurts - what should I do?
Jobs in China
How to find a good job in China
First Impressions of China - A business expatriate perspective
First Impressions of China - A business expatriate perspective
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CJF Global Irrigation Design and Consultancy Services
Irrigation - taking Israeli know-how to China
CJF - Israeli Drip Irrigation in China: Making the Desert Bloom
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The First Annual Chinese language and Culture Event
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Contact Details for Various Chambers of Commerce
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We were the FC Club (Beijing) until Jan 2012. We are now the FCGroup
The Annual WOWs 2013
The WOWs are awarded annually to Wonderful Outstanding Women (WOW) for their achievements here in Beijing. It is open to women of all nationalities.

China Expert International Ltd.

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Every Tuesday - Beijing's major hub of connectivity.

GFW - It is not a secret that China blocks access to websites such as Facebook and Twitter. The list of blocked sites changes from time to time and currently includes many Google related sites and services.

Despite the Chinese firewall (known as the Great fire Wall of China) there are various ways to access these sites.

We are currently recomending Astrill. It is a paid services and seems to be stable. Problems are encounterred from time to time but their Tech Team is on the ball and soluions normally provided very quickly.

Astrill provides a 30 day free trial so that you can check it before buying.

Interested? Then follow this link.

Destination Services for Expats and Solutions for Doing Business in China.

Our business focus is simple. We offer a personalised service for business visitors, expatriates and new businesses that want to do business in, or with, China.



Our Range of Business Services Include:

* Consultancy.

* Project Management.

* Market Research and Sourcing.

* Chinese Partner Search.

* Staff Recruitment.

* Translation and Interpreter Services.

* Business and Residential Property Solutions

* Business Seminars and Inter-Cultural Training.

* Introductions & Business Contacts.

* Post-departure follow-up and Virtual Office Facilities.

* Business Registration.

* Links to Official China

Our Services for Expatriates include:

* "Meet and Greet"

* Beijing Housing Solutions.

* Advice on Local and International Schools

* Advice on Finding a job in China.

* Advice on Chinese Language Schools.

* Advice on local Medical and Health issues.

* Introductions to local Embassies, Chambers of Commerce, Business Organisations and Expatriate Clubs.

* Introductions to Legal, Accounting, Financial and Tax Advisers

* Information about bookshops, restaurants, bars, clubs and more.

* Telephone Translation Support

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Want to rent an apartment in Beijing?
Frightened of being scammed?
We can check the apartment for you and provide you with an objective report.
We are your China eyes and ears, to help avoid the China tears.

Doing Business in China - "1.3 Billion Customers Can't Be Wrong"

Services for Expats & Business Visitors - Let China Expert help you find your way around the most vibrant expatriate community in the world.

China Expert for work and play

China Expert International is dedicated to helping you do business in, or with, China.

Our staff are all long time "China hands".

We offer a full hand-holding service from your initial "look-see" visit right through to establishing full-time operations throughout
China. At China Experts we have an international workforce who are fluent in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Sichuanese and even Hebrew.

Our staff are a balance of long-term expatriates in China and local China nationals. We know the China business market both from a local and an expatriate perspective.

Our website sets out details of the services we offer. Please look around

While many of our clients are looking for just a few days of friendly local advice others use us to manage entire business set-ups.

We tailor our services to your requirements. We can handle anything from running a "meet and greet" service with local interpreters and business liaison advice to long-term project management of your China operations.

China Current Weather Conditions and Forecasts

Click for the latest Beijing weather forecast.

Weather Forecasts and Current Conditions for some selected Cities in China

Visit our page of third party useful links for more China information.

Don't forget to visit the CJF Irrigation Design and Consultancy page.
CJF has over 25 years in the irrigation industry and has the unique combination of being a Chartered Environmentalist and is a recognized WCADI expert. (WCADI is the leading computer aided irrigation design software). With experience from small greenhouses to large plantations, and from small gardens to large parks and estates in many parts of the world it is well advised to consult CJF the impartial irrigation expert.

For more information and prices please free to contact us.
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