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China Business Orientation Trips

The Chinese Market Potential is not a secret. However many people are either naively over-optimistic about their ability to succeed in China or scared of the wakening Chinese giant taking their shirt.

Like any game and any market in order to play and win you have to understand and obey the rules. This is why China Expert International organises Seminars and Orientation Courses for business people that wish to comprehend the "How To" and the "Do and Don't" of entering the China playing field.

All our courses also include some sightseeing and tourist activities.

The courses are presented both by academics and by business people who are already active in China.

The sample programmes below are just for illustration purposes. We can a tailor make a programme to your specific requirements, both vis a vis the duration and the contents of the course.

We can also send lecturers abroad so as to provide you with an in-house option.

sample programmes

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