Lily-Rose Depp’s New HBO Show Released Its First Trailer, But It Wasn’t Johnny Depp’s Daughter That Had People Talking

Lily-Rose Depp’s New HBO Show Released Its First Trailer, But It Wasn’t Johnny Depp’s Daughter That Had People Talking

Lily-Rose Depp isn’t at the center of most of the chatter surrounding HBO’s newest drama.

Lily-Rose Depp’s Life Hasn’t Been All Sunshine

From a near-fatal illness to an alleged aerial escape, Lily-Rose Depp’s young life has been anything but simple.

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Struggles with an eating disorder | 0:00
Severe health issues | 1:11
Parental drama | 2:26
Coping with Johnny Depp’s addiction | 3:30
Harassed by fans | 4:37

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Lily-Rose Depp Speaks On Johnny Depp Winning

Lily-Rose Depp Speaks On Johnny Depp Winning

Amber Heard first filed for a restraining order against Johnny Depp on Lily-Rose Depp’s birthday, and it may have been a horrible birthday in 2016, but six year later Lily Rose was definitely in a different mood! So, how did she react to Johnny winning the case against Amber.

Back in April 2022, when the trial began, Lily-Rose remained noticeable quiet about the case to the point where Johnny Depp’s fans took to social media to demand she break her silence about her father’s court case. Like people were literally spamming her posts on Instagram with comments about how she should publicly support her dad!

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Johnny SURPRISES Lily-Rose Depp After She STARS In MAJOR Movie!

Lily-Rose Takes The World By STORM With New ‘The Idol’ Trailer!
Johnny Depp’s daughter stars in one of the most awaited TV series of the decade . We’ll finally see Lily Rose on the big screen again and now she’s taking the stage with big celebrities like the weekend, Troye Sivan and Jennie of Blackpink.

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Lily-Rose Depp SPEAKS On Johnny Depp’s New Relationship

Lily-Rose Depp SPEAKS On Johnny Depp’s New Relationship

Johnny Depp’s daughter has finally broken her silence on her father’s new love interest!

Johnny Depp recently made waves across the internet with some of the news that came out about him. Various news outlets had started to report a love interest of his, much to the shock of many netizens. Lily-Rose Depp, Johnny’s daughter has long seen her father go through tumultuous love interests. Some of them have been good for the Pirates star, whilst some have taken him to the depths of despair. Johnny’s daughter must have witnessed how difficult the battle with Amber Heard would’ve been on him, not to mention the amount of damage that Heard’s op-ed did to Lily-Rose’s father’s mental health. So, it is not hard to believe, that considering the latest reports about Johnny’s victories and his seemingly improved mood and outlook on life, Lily-Rose Depp will be exceedingly happy for her father.

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